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Previously called Citizens for Community Values of Memphis, this local non-profit advocates for legal protections for those trapped in the sex industry, helps victims’ lives to be rescued and restored, and raises awareness for how a sexually explicit culture is harmful to the community. They came to us needing a new brand identity and story that better communicated their mission in order to further connect with their audience and increase their impact in the city. Their branding needed to differentiate from other organizations and attract new donors and volunteers while also continuing to educate the community about the hidden but very present issue of sexual exploitation and trafficking in the city of Memphis.


Through the Blueprint / Foundation process, CCV Memphis learned that they should present a compassionate, nurturing brand that conveys hope to the women they serve. These women should be the heroes of the brand story, rather than the organization itself. We renamed them to A Way Out Ministries to help them embrace what they've always been: an organization that works to restore women to be able to live free and valuable lives - to provide a way out. The new logo symbolizes the exit from trafficking and the sex industry with a bird in flight and the illustrations represent growth and freedom. We also created business cards and a mailer packet to help inform donors and volunteers of their new look and brand direction.