Three Steps to Shifting Gears in Strange Times

April 03rd, 2020

Katrina Duff

Digital Strategist

In light of the circumstances at hand, Paradigm would like to encourage you to take a moment (or at least half of one) to breathe - and then to let your brand’s core values prompt your next steps.



Let’s start with the breathing part. Consider this an invitation to put down the newspaper, close Twitter, and stop the attempts to distract ourselves from stress with something cute. (Personally, I go for kittens, but a good puppy photo works wonders too.) 

Go take a walk, step outside and sit in the grass for a while, do some stretching, just be a person. You need brain space to be creative, and it’s hard to find that while looking at the news or social media all the time. 

At least for the rest of the time it takes to read this blog, let’s collectively agree to stop stressing about the things we can’t control.



We believe strongly that businesses do best when they stick to their core values. Not only are they a foundation for brand continuity, but they also help you attract and retain the right people (both customers and employees).

Why do you do what you do? As an individual or as a business, what is it that drives you?

Since your day to day services or the way you interact with customers may be impossible right now, it’s important to center back into your WHY. Your core values define what people can expect from you and how you promise to conduct yourself - and now is the time to find ways to live up to that promise. Or if you don't know what that is, now’s a good time to figure out who you want to be.

At Paradigm, for example, we are committed to being a partner for our clients, not a vendor. This means that we don’t pitch a one-size-fits-all list of services or strategies, but develop them on an individual basis for each client, to suit their unique needs. We collaborate, we create, and then we offer ongoing support to back that up.

During this uncertain season, with all its effects on our clients and community, our response is founded on this core value. We will continue to be your partner, not a vendor. We want to come alongside you, help you strategize what’s next, and step into the next season confidently.



For some of you, it makes sense to speak up now. Medical offices, restaurants, places of daily person-to-person interaction are faced with real-time questions that impact safety. 

  • How are you protecting your clients, while also tending to your team? 
  • What engaging, helpful information can you offer to the general public - without adding to the noise?
  • Are there ways to activate your community (and reach new customers) while still following CDC guidelines?

For other businesses, this season may cause you some stress and force you to take a sober look at how you spend your time and efforts. Perhaps you’ve depended on foot traffic for your successful brick and mortar store and left e-commerce on the back burner. Or perhaps you’re looking for creative solutions to support your staff, now that you aren’t in the same office.

Whatever the case may be, now is a good time to re-strategize for a changing future, in a world that has come to rely on technology and connectivity for things as simple as a roll of toilet paper or a conversation with a coworker.

  • How has remote work/social distancing impacted your team’s collaboration and overall morale? Are there ways you could mitigate those stressors to keep your team unified?
  • Are there ways you can build brand loyalty internally by supporting your people? How are you setting them up for success?
  • Is it time for you to take a closer look at your digital marketing? Are you reaching your customers where they are now?

For most businesses - us included - this season reminds us to not just look for the helpers, but to be them.

As our resident Digital Strategist, I’m entrenched in online marketing every day and am constantly looking for ways to improve our digital services for clients. As such, I’m primed to advise both our internal team and our clients on how to branch into the digital marketing sphere.

We also have a team of brand strategists, designers, and web developers who are ready to collaborate with you.

Whether you know your core values and are ready to take steps forward or need help setting that foundation, we’re here to help.