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Sundara Wellness Center


Sundara Wellness is a collective of like-minded health professionals who want to change the way the medical community approaches wellness. They combine traditional medical practices like physical therapy and dietetics with Eastern medicine, acupuncture, and yoga to create holistic wellness plans catered to individuals and to provide continuity of care within their team. They needed a name and brand that communicated their mission and felt warm and welcoming, not sterile. They also needed to distill their wide array of services into a clear, concise vision they could easily communicate to potential clients.


After taking Sundara through our Blueprint / Foundation process, we discovered their core goal (why they do what they do): to empower their clients to take control of their health and wellness, to help them flourish from the inside out. To this goal, we chose the name Sundara, a Sanskrit word meaning "beautiful, noble, well" that reflects their view of health as the inner beauty that shines from within. We developed an illustration style and shot photography to capture their fun, vibrant personality, eventually creating an entire line of products for their store. Each piece of their collateral serves as a reminder to their clients that they have worth, and that everyone deserves to be heard and cared for.