Social Media- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

March 04th, 2016

Becca Hand

Creative Director

Social media- can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

At least not in the business world, right?

We see a lot of clients with a lot of social media questions. It’s such a necessary evil and trendy topic. What social media channels are right for you? How often do you post? Heck, what do you post?

Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media.

The Good.

Social media is a great way to connect your brand to your fans. It’s an accessible place to share ideas and stories. It makes people feel like they can easily identify with you or contact you. Basically you’re putting the cookies on the bottom shelf.

It’s the perfect place to stay in front of your market in creative, unique, and compelling ways. Your social media platforms are simply an extension of your brand. Plus, if you’re creating the right content you could go viral and expose your brand to entirely new audiences.

All good things, however…

The Bad.

Yikes, a lot of people aren’t doing social well. Remember, social media issocial. All of the same social etiquette rules apply.

Don’t talk too much. Don’t talk about yourself too much. Don’t repeat yourself.

But for some reason those rules seem to go out the door when brands are posting on social media. If you view social media merely as a form of cheap advertising then you’re bound to get cheap connections, if you get any connections at all.

Play by the rules and everyone wins.

The Ugly.

The ugly truth is not everyone needs social.

There, I said it.

People think social media will solve all their advertising woes. But the truth is if you don’t have anything nice or of value to add to people’s feeds then don’t say anything at all. Just because other people have an Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean you need one.

If your brand is struggling with social then you’re not alone. One of our favorite things at Paradigm is helping get brands back on track with social media.

We can help you evaluate what, when, where, and how to share your brand online. Visit to get in touch.