SmartMart Brand Refresh

June 15th, 2017

Becca Hand

Creative Director

Have you ever used the self-serve check out at a grocery store? Imagine if you could avoid walking the aisles altogether, and order your groceries through the kiosk too - without leaving your car, anytime day or night.

That's SmartMart: an entirely automated, self-serve convenience store where you can purchase anything from Coke Zero to contact solution, 24 hours a day. The building is full of products, but there's nobody inside - it's entirely remotely operated. That means you can purchase Doritos at 5am, judgement free.

SmartMart has been creating automated retail experiences since 1995, and as they prepared to expand they partnered with Paradigm to update their existing brand. Our goals were twofold: revamp the interactive ordering experience of SmartMart to make it more streamlined and intuitive, and refine and expand the existing brand.


Logo Refresh

We worked with the SmartMart team to pin down what was effective about the existing identity and what wasn't - we kept the bright primary colors but brightened them, used geometric and monoline letters but removed the "fast" slant and outline to update them, and created multiple icons and lockups for flexibility accross multiple applications.

Final Marks and Icons

Interface Redesign

SmartMart's interface is the most important part of the shopping experience - with convenience as its main asset, it needed to be as easy to use as possible to keep customers coming back. We reworked the structure and reorganized their products into intuitive categories and subcategories, with large text for legibility and buttons close to the bottom for people reading and reaching from their car window. The interface is currently being implemented, so check your local SmartMart soon for the new shopping experience.



See the new SmartMart brand in action at 5133 Park Ave, 24 hours a day.