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Semmes Murphey Clinic & Foundation

The Problem

Semmes Murphey was the first clinic for brain and spine care in Memphis, and the doctors there have set the standard for Neurologic care both nationally and globally. However, the branding and messaging for Semmes Murphey was a bit outdated and wasn’t in line with their overall reputation for excellence. Neurologic care can seem very complex and daunting, so our goal was to make Semmes Murphey, The Semmes Murphey Foundation, and all of their world class doctors, more relational to the public. We also needed to refine their messaging and collateral, and modernize it, while also preserving their history and reputation for medical eminence. 

The Solution

In an effort to show the public how Semmes Murphey changes and saves lives, and reimagines what is possible through Neuroscience, we acquired several patients for testimonial videos, which also became the first advertising campaign. This allowed us to illustrate how lives were saved, personalize the doctors, and bring their innovative treatment methods to the forefront.

We updated the Semmes Murphey logo, created new messaging with a less technical focus, and designed new websites for both Semmes Murphey and The Semmes Murphey Foundation that are more user friendly, relational, and engaging. We developed a campaign titled “Get Your Normal Back” with a focus on patient stories and Semmes Murphey passion for saving lives, improving quality of life for patients, and advancing the field of neuroscience.

Semmes Murphey has always been on the forefront of patient treatment, and this includes knowing the stories of individuals and compassionately reaching out to them where they are. 

Paradigm sought to capture these qualities by directing a series of brand videos and commercials that encapsulate the essence of Semmes Murphey's mission and values.