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Reynolds Bone & Griesbeck had a 100-years of experience in Memphis and an outstanding legacy of service, but their brand identity was not unified or telling their story. Additionally, their identity was giving off the impression that they were very traditional an impersonal, rather than current and approachable. They needed a new look and message to set them apart. We created an entirely new visual identity to elevate their style and create a sense of modernity while holding on to and showcasing their personalized approach and history.


After spending time with the RBG team, we began to understand their passion for helping others reach their goals. This passion applies not only to their clients and those clients financial goals but also to their employees and their professional goals. This dual passion for making accounting personal and approachable is what inspired copy lines such as "We deal with numbers. We don't treat you like one." and "Advice is always better from someone who knows you".  We wanted to emphasize both the experience of the firm and their heart for supporting others. 

For the branding style, we paired a custom type treatment with new colors and design elements. The logo has three versions, so it is adaptable to different formats and circumstances. However, all iterations contain the "RBG" mark for consistency. We eliminated serif fonts, and incorporated a sleek gold foil. All printed business collateral was simplified and updated to match the new style. Additionally, we created a number of RBG branded items specifically for employees to introduce the new brand, and collateral items to be used by the RBG team at recruitment or mentorship events on college campuses. With all of these new elements integrated, RBG now has a cohesive brand across all touchpoints that communicates who they are as a firm now and as they look ahead to the next 100 years.