Branded Environment
Collateral Design
Guerrilla Marketing

Pyros Fire Fresh Pizza

The Problem

Pyro’s didn’t always exist. It started with two guys coming to us and telling us their vision of bringing a new restaurant concept to Memphis. So they asked us: Where do we start? Is it feasible? Can you name, brand, and market us?

Our Solution

We could tell Pyro’s had something cool up their sleeves so we were excited to research and get the Blueprint cookin’. With our help, the client branded a name we suggested, tagline, logo, and style.

Soon a full marketing plan was made that included various aspects: PR, social media, messaging, unique advertising, signage, and even décor suggestions for their new space. Every touch point was considered.

There now stands a solid brand designed for national growth, and an active social media campaign that engages the general public, foodies, and bloggers.



The Results

Pyros' first store hit their one year sales goal in only 2 months! 

The first location was so successful, Pyro's opened a second three months later, which replicated the success of the first. They are now up to 5 locations and are still growing!