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The Problem

The Pet Hospitals has been treating pets in Memphis and the surrounding area for over 25 years. While they have a loyal following and are known for their compassion and commitment to excellent care, they were having difficulty standing out in a crowded field of competitors, particularly online. They needed help clearly communicating their unique advantage, and their six location websites needed to be streamlined into a single robust website without sacrificing the SEO rankings they had worked for.

Our Solution 

Veterinary clinic logos tend to look similar, and their previous logo was no exception. We created a new mark that communicates what they do, but with personality. Bright teal and a friendly serif font show their not-too-serious approach to customer care. Playful illustrations continue that spirit on the collateral and website with custom icons and spot illustrations. We simplified their existing tagline “Celebrating, protecting, and sharing the love of animals" to "We know pets": keeping the spirit of openess and emphasis on communication but with a more fun and interesting twist. All of the photography on the site features actual patients and their owners to help set them apart from the typical stock photos used on veterinary websites. 

The Results

After the rebrand, The Pet Hospitals had 20% overall growth in less than a year.

They also had an increase of 32% in appointments made from the year prior to the rebrand.