Meet our Interns: Summer 2017

June 14th, 2017

Lexie Danford

Brand Strategist & Account Executive

Meet our Interns:
Andie and Taylor Gaushell 

We have two interns joining us at the Paradigm office this Summer, and wanted to give you the chance to get to know these short term members of our team a little better. We asked them a few questions to give you the "need to know" info of who they are, and what they have learned at Paradigm so far.


Meet Andie:

"I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. I have always loved creativity in different forms, from photography to interior design to writing. Because of this, the decision to pick Graphic Design as my major at the University of Memphis was an easy choice. Over the past 3 years at the U of M, my love for design and marketing has grown.

My goal before starting my internship at Paradigm was to gain new and improved skills in graphic design, a handful of new connections, and a greater sense of professionalism. I was also excited to gain feedback and advice from professional graphic designers.

I started my internship at Paradigm May 2017, and I quickly learned that an internship is much different than college. As a college student, you’ll have endless lectures and studios to teach you what you need to know. However, what you learn in the classroom is really only the foundation for your career. Your classes give you just enough information to get you comfortable with your field and prepared for an internship. At Paradigm, I have learned new design skills and improved soft skills like time management, scheduling, meeting deadlines and work ethic. Overall working at Paradigm as an intern is more exciting than studying graphic design at school. It is encouraging to work with people who really care about art and marketing and take the time to help me learn and grow as a creative. "


This is Taylor! A student, and a creative, he just so happens to have had a unique relationship with Paradigm his whole life - as Charles' son. 

"My parents have always encouraged me in my interests in art. I was fortunate to have some really talented artists pour into my life along the way but mimicking my dad's habits drove me deeper into the art world. As my dad shifted from an architect to building Paradigm I got more and more interested in the future of art and how it effects the world around us through marketing. Having a foundation of art at home has made it obvious at a young age that I wanted to do something in a creative field.

I wanted to do an internship at Paradigm because I have always wanted to see at a deeper level the company that my Dad has built and how it works. I also know that doing an internship is a great step towards becoming a more well-rounded individual and designer.

 I've been most surprised by the flow of work and how different parts of the team function. Discovering the checks and balances between account managers and designers has been a great experience and it really interests me because I hadn't put much previous thought to how a design team works together. It is has been a pleasant surprise to see how this creative firm functions together.

Being at an agency is much better than being at school. It's been difficult getting into the rhythm of things but much easier as time goes on. Having people that care to not only visually show us design corrections but also lead us through critiques and their management skills has been quite nice. It makes for a great learning environment knowing that the projects we work on will be critiqued in detail by creatives who do this every day because they want.

 In my time as an intern, I am excited to specifically learn about 3D, videography, and photography while improving my graphic design skills and picking up marketing and management skills along the way."

Please join us in welcoming these interns to our team for the Summer!