Let's Make Better Bread

March 22nd, 2018

Hands holding bread loaf

If your project is worth getting anxious and hurried about, then it’s also worth slowing down and doing right.

Think about the last time you cooked something special. I love a burger as much as anyone else, but the meals I brag about are the eggs benedict, the chocolate souffle, and the pillowy-soft rye bread.

You can’t rush a loaf of bread. You can, but you don’t end up with a loaf of bread. You get a different product than what you set out to make. The dough didn’t ferment long enough; the oven was turned up too high; we’re scampering through the kitchen trying to force a process to be quicker than it can be.


And the result? Something that isn’t what we wanted.

When we rush just to finish our project and get it out there, we miss the key steps. We miss the crucial audience that will respond positively with less effort on our end. We miss the core message that will keep all personnel on point. We miss the niche advantage that will take us out of cutthroat competition and give us room to control our story.

Sure, when we rush, we get to the end faster. It might not be the bread we wanted, but it’s still bread, right? But do you really want to pay for what you didn’t want?