Let’s Focus on the "Vid-Suals"… Steps to take to implement Video Marketing

October 05th, 2016

Katrina Duff

Digital Strategist

Including videos in brand strategy is growing in popularity at an incredible rate. Think about it: How much of your news feed on Facebook or Instagram is dominated by videos right now? Take a minute to scroll through and you’ll notice several right off the bat.

Video gives you the opportunity to tell your audience a little bit about yourself in a format that can be entertaining, engaging and sharable. Think of popular branded videos from recent years like Like a Girl for Always or Unlikely Best Friends for Kleenex. Video content can be a very impactful way to set your company apart from the rest. And your customers will take notice.

We live in a very visual world, where it’s getting harder and harder to capture someone’s attention, and even if you do capture it, how long can you keep it? Cisco predicts by 2017 69% of all Internet traffic will be video, and up to 80% by 2019. The presence of video can even benefit other forms of marketing, such as Email Marketing; by using the word “video” in the subject line, it can actually boost click-through rates by 65%.

Okay, so you’ve decided to take that important step of improving your brand image with the latest component of digital marketing. Here are some factors to take into consideration so you don’t get lost along the way.

Make an Emotional Connection

We aren’t telling you to hire Sarah McLaughlin to make the entire world cry with your video, however, making you viewer feel a certain way about your brand is important. Your company is important to you, and you want to make your audience feel the same way you do about your product(s). Emotion drives engagement. If your video lacks the ability to connect with the viewer, you can’t expect them to become invested with your company. There are many avenues to take to make this connection. Whether you’re taking your audience behind closed doors and into the inner workings of your company, or giving them a first-hand account directly from the mouths of their peers. Get creative!

Here is a video we made to share the story of Alyzen Medical Physics. 

Embody your Brand

Nobody knows your brand better then you and your team, but you want the world to get to know you too. Is your brand a fun, whimsical candy store or a serious, professional accounting firm? Your brand video is a great place communicate your brand personality. Your brand should come across in all areas of you brand strategy including social media, print, and web. Videos, however, offer a chance to tell a more in depth story or show a side of your brand that might not be able to come across in a 160 character tweet.


One of the more common mistakes companies make is investing in a great video and then disappearing. Videos are one of the best ways to drive engagement with your brand. If your video tells a great story about how you treat each customer as your friend, but then you don’t respond to their social media feedback, that can send mixed messages. Your video should accentuate who you are as a brand, and your company should be able to uphold those values.

You also want to make sure your audience knows what to expect with your video content. If you create a great all- encompassing brand video one time to promote your company, that can be great. If you reveal small parts of how your company works in short videos, that can also work. Consistency is key. Whether you decide to do a video once a month, or a series of different themed stories throughout the year, keep it consistent.

Do it Right

Don’t consider a video strategy for your company, until you have a clear understanding of what you do and where you are going. If you aren’t sure, that will come across in your video. At Paradigm, our video approach is strategy based. We want to understand your company fully before anything else. We then create a video story and style that we believe will advance your goals and communicate clearly to your audience. As video becomes more prevalent in the news feeds and inboxes of consumers, it becomes more obvious to consumers which videos are engaging and entertaining and which are unprofessional and uninspiring. With the projected growth of video in the next few years, having professional strategy-based content becomes increasingly important.

Lastly… Don’t get left Behind

If you don’t evolve with the technology that surrounds us, your audience will evolve without you. Living in the smartphone age, every person is looking for the most entertaining content whenever they look at their phone. The brands that will succeed will be the ones who can keep up with the media demands of consumers. In fact, some consumers even search out branded video content if it is engaging. Think about it, video could be a way to get consumers to come to you rather than having to chase them down or it could even be the deciding factor in choosing between competitors.

If this seems like a lot to think about, it is, but thinking of your brand strategy holistically is important in getting across a clear message to your customers. Whether you need to get organized with your social media, are not sure if your logo fits what you want to be saying, or are wondering how video can enhance your already clear brand goals, our Paradigm team of strategists would be happy to chat.