How Can I Help You?

January 09th, 2018

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Ready to start the New Year with some free advice?

Here it is: your customers don’t care about your business.

Well, they do somewhat: they care about how your business can make their lives easier or more satisfying.

Think about the holiday gift you received (or bought yourself) that you got excited about. Maybe it was a new shirt or shoes, or perhaps a movie or game, or even a special night out with dinner and a movie. That purchase was about you. It wasn’t about the business who made the sale.

From the consumer’s perspective, this is obvious, but why then do we make so many ads, social posts, videos and campaigns that are about the business? Why do we act like consumers care about how great a business is, when we know from our own experiences that we’re really just interested in the benefit to me?


If your marketing, whatever it is, is NOT driven by consumer benefit, you’re wasting valuable time and money.

Think of it this way: when a telemarketer calls you or you get that spam email, you immediately feel frustrated, because someone seems more concerned with the sale than with your time. Is your business operating the same way? Is your marketing merely an interruption that says, “Look at this! Buy it!”?

This year, as you’re prepping your first marketing campaign of 2018, obsess over this question: how is this helping my consumer? If you can’t answer that question, throw away the campaign, and figure out what you do for the customer.