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The Problem

Mike Sadler had a passion for adventure, and an online community of people who appreciated living boldly, taking calculated risks, and pushing their limits, but no way to unite the two. His dream of creating a lifestyle brand and beer brand was having trouble getting off the ground without a strong brand identity, messaging, and style. 

Our Solution 

We sat down with Mike and talked strategically through how to create a brand that captured the adventurous spirit of the early aviators, the scruffy wit of Steve McQueen, and the grit that comes with exploring beyond the edges of the map. What resulted was Flat Hat, a lifestyle and beer brand. With copy like "No Excuses. No Regrets. No Audience Needed." and "You said you would - you did. Cheers to you." we highlighted the no nonsense, get it done attitude of those who challenge themselves, and brought to them a beer that is refreshing without being heavy.  

For this particular brand, we wanted to keep the military and aviation history and iconography present with out being too overt. With the type treatment, color choices, and inclusion of slants and hard lines, the designs feel fast, sleek, and strong. In shooting the video, we worked with local models, including boxer Christian Heyser, to show that there is not just one kind of over-comer, and that the scrappy spirit of the Flat Hatters can be found in the woods, on the river, and even in the gym. For the can, we created a design that is distinctive, intriguing, and will fit right in on a camping trip or after a marathon. We also created group of shirts to be sold in E-commerce. Featuring the logo and other designs, they are meant to create a sense of history and pride with the brand.


The Results


Flat Hat Website: SIlver Addy

Flat Hat Video: SIlver Addy

Flat Hat Logo: SIlver Addy