Be A Specialist

January 23rd, 2018

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We do 6 things really well. That’s it.

If you check out our “What We Do” page, we list 6 categories of service. Each category contains a handful of specific tasks, but that’s only 6 areas of expertise. That’s only 6 areas where we’ll confidently and proudly say, “Yep, we’ve got you taken care of.”

We know what we’re good at, and we have smart partners to cover the rest.

My father-in-law is a handyman. When I need to repair something on the house or on a car, I always (1) look it up on YouTube and (2) call Paul. He’ll know the answer and know where I should start in fixing it, but he also knows that he’s not a specialist. A common solution is still for me to call a plumber, talk to an electrician or take the car to the shop.

He knows what he’s good at, and then he knows the partners he can rely on.


What is your company really good at?

Are you trying to fix everything for your customers? Are you trying to sell to every demographic?

You’re hurting your success.

Be the specialist who knows how to fix 6 things better than anyone else in town, and then let your smart partners handle their jobs. Let them be the specialists who do their tasks better than anyone else in town.