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Arrow Creative


With the announcement of Memphis College of Art closing, local creative leaders Abby Phillips and Dorothy Collier, founder of Memphis Fashion Week and Rising Tide Society of Memphis, came together with the idea of creating an organization that can help continue fostering the creative spirit and community education legacy MCA previously fostered. They came to us with an idea but needed help coming up with a name, messaging, collateral and strategy to help people understand their multi-faceted goals. Their goal is to create a one-roof creative district - a hub for creative entrepreneurs with studios, programming, and equipment to support the creative community and help it grow in Memphis. After a search for a home in Memphis, they found a great fit in the thriving arts district of Broad Avenue. They currently reside in a concept space with an eye toward expanding, planning to renovate a nearby warehouse to house over 40 studios, workspaces, retail space, and classrooms. 


Paradigm needed to create a brand that was flexible enough to grow with Arrow's changing goals, various arms and programs, and potential locations. We created a distinctive color palette and zig-zag design elements that reference the upward momentum of Arrow seeks to create for their creative entrepreneurs. Their taglines "We're All Kinds of Creative", "Making it is No Longer a Long Shot", and "Find Your Creative Direction" represent the diversity of mediums welcome, and of the Memphis creative community, along with communicating and Arrow's entrepreneurial spirit. We also came up with the description for Arrow to be a "One-roof Creative District" because of the studios, offices, classes, and retail all being offered in one space. The brand has been a key part of helping begin fundraising, and can currently be seen on the exterior of the concept shop on Broad.