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Anovo was in search of a brand that spoke to their decades of expertise and experience in pharmacy services, but also felt welcoming and approachable for consumers. Building brand awareness and messaging that spoke to both drug manufacturers and patients without becoming overly technical or sterile was a unique challenge for them as a company. Their collateral, website and tradeshow all needed to communicate consistently to segmented audiences, and express their deeply held values about empathy and service in the often difficult world of specialized drug therapies.


We worked with Anovo to identify their core value - communication at a person-to-personĀ level. "It starts with a conversation" is how Anovo approaches every relationship, whether it's with a manufacturer or a patient trying to follow a difficult drug regimen. From there we developed a mark that combines communication - speech bubbles - with a pill shape to represent their industry. We tweaked and freshened their existing color palette and created a family of illustrations and textures to round out their new identity.