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A2G Apparel 

The Problem

Kelly Babb was tired of watching her daughter, a teenage weightlifter and Crossfit athlete, struggle to find jeans that fit her muscular body type. So, Kelly did what most Moms do – she tried to fix the problem. She decided to help her daughter and others with the same issue by developing her own line of jeans!

She quickly realized that she needed a name, to develop a brand, and help creating a knockout Kickstarter page. And let’s not forget about a website. So, that’s where Paradigm stepped in.   

The Solution

We knew that Kelly was on to something pretty exciting with A2G, and like her, we believe that everyone should have a pair of comfortable, stylish, and affordable jeans. So, we got to work. We helped Kelly articulate her vision, develop the A2G brand and logo, and gave her a style as unique as her jeans.

We worked with talented photographer, Alan Maxcy to capture our apparel images. A full marketing campaign followed with a brand video, Kickstarter page, PR, event coordination for the brand reveal and kickoff party, a social media plan, and unique advertising opportunities so A2G would find its target audience and grow.  We helped Kelly turn her vision into a reality.