5 Crucial Steps in a Re-brand: Paradigm as a Case Study

August 29th, 2016

Becca Hand

Creative Director

Inevitably, businesses face the question about whether or not to rebrand. Sometimes it’s an organization that has been in operation for over a decade and simply wants to update their logo, and other times it can be a complete brand overhaul that changes the entire foundation of the company. Here at Paradigm Marketing & Creative we specialize in these opportunities with our clients, and recently we underwent a transformation ourselves.

It can seem like an intimidating step to take when you’ve spent years building up a following, client base, and overall image for your brand. And who wouldn’t be intimidated by that? We followed a strategic approach to make sure we didn’t generate a disconnect with anyone who has had a relationship with Paradigm.

#1: Stay true to your values.

Look at the identity your company has and decide what you want it to be. But don’t lose sight of your core values you established at the very beginning. At Paradigm, we have always been about telling our client's unique stories in a strategic, creative and customized way. 

#2: Decide what you want your end goal to be.

How do you want your new brand to make consumers/clients feel? We decided we wanted to be more visible, live our brand, change our location and most importantly appeal to creative and corporate eyes with a new slogan.

#3: Lay out what you need to change to reach that goal.

Talk to your employees, your consumers, and your clients to gather research. Find out exactly what about your current image that you want to alter… whether it’s your logo and collateral, website or overall messaging. Here at Paradigm, we wanted our office to reflect our brand not only in the sign when you drive up but the walls and desks. We took a huge leap from our office building in Southwind to a beautiful, modern house in Midtown. This made us more visible to the creative and innovative community we work and play in.

The interior of the office is quirky yet professionally equipped, much like us – as we live our brand! This unique three-story building has eye-popping accent walls with each room completely customized by our team members.



Another step we wanted to take within our re-brand was to officially go GREEN. And by that, of course, we mean our logo has. Away with the beloved, deep red logo and in with a fresh, apple green design.

While Paradigm is a creative agency, our new logo is the perfect balance between professional and stylish, which appeals to both our corporate and our creative clients. Creating a logo that is memorable and perceived well by clients is essential, especially for a rebrand. Astoundingly enough, a logo can communicate louder to a broader audience scheme than your work repertoire could.




Our own custom made font for the ‘P’ communicates our brand simply while also featuring great attention to personalization and detail. The color green is not only on the opposite color spectrum of red (which more typically portrays a traditional agency) but is also perceived as relaxing and playful. Our new logo mirrors our move to Midtown, and our brand matches the feel of this vibrant environment.

In the last step in our re-branding, we decided upon a new slogan - “Smart Art & Creative Strategy”. This slogan is painted in a mural on the first wall you will see when you enter our door, as we wanted to capture each person that walks in with this important message. We wanted it to portray the foundation of Paradigm, and how our services are tailored to each client’s specific needs.



#4: Develop a marketing strategy.

Your building.
Your employees.
And even your clients.
Everyone should be an ambassador of your new brand! Having internal and external communication pieces in place before launching your new identity is crucial. This includes: eMarketing, press releases and even personal hand written notes to existing clients – all of which will help build your new brand in their eyes. A social media schedule will be next and the best way to get a direct response/reaction from your clients/consumers/audience without it being in person. We were delighted to have our new brand and move featured in the Memphis Business Journal - check it out here. 

#5: Communicate your new brand.

Update all your information, signage and collateral to include your new brand - then let the brand speak for itself. But guide consumers and clients to the explanation behind the change and the new “face” of your brand. (Such as, in a blog post!) 


Considering re-branding your company? Give us a call here at Paradigm Marketing & Creative 901.685.7703 and we can help develop your idea into a strategic plan.